Maverick Streaming Release Date Has Not Been Decided and Could Be Delayed

Top Gun: Maverick‘s overwhelming box office success could mean that fans have a little longer to wait to see the film land on Paramount +. In a recent interview, Paramount boss Tom Ryan revealed that despite many movies still having a 45 day theatrically exclusive window, there has been no decision made yet on when the high-flying sequel will make its streaming debut, mainly due to its continued record- breaking run in cinemas.

Top Gun: Maverick has kept fans of the 1986 movie waiting a long time to see Tom Cruise’s cock-sure pilot showing off his skills again on the big screen, with the sequel filming back in 2018 and then suffering a number of delays due to the Covid pandemic. After having its release date pushed back on multiple occasions, things did not look great for Top Gun: Maverick with such extensive setbacks usually leading to a loss of interest from audiences. However, when finally debuting on May 27, nothing could have been further from the truth.


Now, as the movie looks to pass Doctor Strange 2 as the highest grossing movie of the year, Paramount Streaming CEO Ryan has explained to Variety that despite the studio adopting the 45 day rule for most movies, Top Gun: Maverick is being assessed on its own merits and will not necessarily adhere to the same window as other movie releases. He said:

“I think a year or so ago, there was a lot of discussion about what the right model was for movies to streaming, and we were one of the first, if not the first, to come out with the 45-day post theatrical, which gives a lot of value to the marketing of content and allows you to give it a great theatrical exclusive window, but then bring it quickly to streaming. [the theatrical window for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’] yet. “

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Top Gun: Maverick Is Out-Performing Even Marvel Movies In Its 4th Weekend.

By the time a movie hits its fourth weekend on release, audience numbers have usually started to dip significantly. This is something that happens to almost every movie, whether it is a big Marvel release or slow-burning word-of-mouth hit, but Top Gun: Maverick has bucked this trend by pulling in one of the highest ever fourth weekend domestic hauls ever.

Top Gun: Maverick ended its fourth weekend with an additional $ 44 million taken at the US box office, a total high enough to sit only behind Avatar‘s 2010 record of $ 50.3 million. With this outdoing every Marvel and Star Wars movie, it is not surprising that Paramount wants to keep the movie in theaters for as long as it continues to draw in crowds.

While many would have expected Top Gun: Maverick to land on Paramount + sometime in July, it could now be much later in the summer when the movie finally does come home. For now though, it seems that a delay in the movie’s move to streaming will just help it hit new heights, and potentially be the first movie to break the $ 1 billion mark this year.

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