Movie Sequels That Had Nothing to Do with the Original Film

There have been hundreds upon hundreds of great movies that have been made in cinema. From classics like Battleship Potemkin and Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times; to newer films such as Titanic and Interstellar. Awesome new stories, fantastic new characters and worlds, all coming together to give audiences the ultimate viewing experience. On the flip side, these films also rake in millions of dollars for the respective studios that make and produce these movies. The producers and businessmen salivate, and their eyes turn into cash symbols when they see films like Titanic bring in over two billion dollars, or Avengers: Endgame do even better than that.

Good films, or films that bring in a lot of money for a studio, often get sequels created for them. In some cases, sequels are planned out for a larger story (think the Marvel Cinematic Universe), or are a blatant cash grab, like The Lost World: Jurassic Park. But, in very rare cases, some sequels end up completely unrelated to their predecessors; often new movies with an old title. Here are a few film sequels that have nothing to do with the original.

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4 The Suicide Squad (2021)

In 2016, DC Comics and Warner Brothers Studios released their answer to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy with their own obscure, unknown team: the Suicide Squad. Starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad was Warner Bros. ‘ summer blockbuster movie. Though it brought in a lot of money at the box office, Suicide Squad was a critical failure. Critics came after the questionable directing of the film, the unfocused plot, and its surface-level characters. But instead of letting the franchise go, Warner Bros. brought back four members of the original cast, along with Director James Gunn, and released a second film (whether it’s a sequel, remake, or reboot, is up in the air) titled The Suicide Squad.

This incarnation of the film did much, much better than its predecessor. Bringing in more than a billion dollars at the box office, and having some of the best critical reception for a DC film in a long-time. With praise to Gunn’s humor, the goriness of the film, and the level of depth provided for the characters, The Suicide Squadalthough a completely unrelated sequel, cemented itself as one of DC’s better superhero films.


3 Home Alone 3 (1997)

After following the exploits of a young Kevin McCallister as he’s left alone during the Christmas season both at home and in New York (in the second film), Home Alone 3 goes in a completely different direction, with an entirely new cast. Essentially a reboot of the first film of a seven movie series, Home Alone 3 follows a young boy named Alex, who must defend his home from thieves working for a terrorist organization during the Christmas season. The film did okay at the box office, making its budget back times two; but the critical response was opposite. Home Alone 3 currently sits at 29% on Rotten Tomatoes, and was even nominated for a Golden Raspberry for Worst Film Sequel (losing out to Speed ​​2: Cruise Control).

2 Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

Another third film to make this list, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, was a drastic change from the previous two Halloween films. The biggest change in Season of the Witch (and the only film to do so) was that there was no Micheal Myers featured, at all. Rather, the film chooses to dive deep into the lore behind the Halloween holiday itself, with Pagan rituals, sacrifices, and more. It does, however, feature the ever famous Micheal Myers masks and the factory that produces them. Halloween III was a critical let-down, with some reviewers saying they could not understand the meaning of the film, and with famed critic Roger Ebert calling it “a low-budget thriller”. Nonetheless, it made roughly $ 14 million USD off a $ 2.5 million USD budget.

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1 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

Sharing the name of the original film only, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was a breath of fresh air in a sequel. Starring an entirely new cast that featured the likes of Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson, and Kevin Hart; Welcome to the Jungle follows four high school students who get sucked into a video game world, and have to free themselves from it by completing the story of the game. Bringing the original concept into a new era with video games, and putting the characters into the game instead of the real world, made Welcome to the Jungle one of the more refreshing sequels at the time. It was a critical success, and nearly crossed the billion dollar threshold at the box office. It’s considered one of the more worthy sequels ever made.

Movie sequels are often hit or miss when it comes to success, and often receive harsher criticism than the original that came before. But, some often do well when given a breath of fresh air, or go in a completely different direction from the previous films.

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