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Best TV Series Coming to Disney + in July 2022

June has been a great month for Disney +. The family-friendly streamer saw the birth of a new superhero in Ms. Marvel and the return of one of the greatest Jedi masters there ever was with Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Marvel catalog also gained an important new addition when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arrived on June 22 after a little over a month in theaters. Big things are always happening on the world’s happiest streaming service, and the fun certainly continues in July 2022.

There will be plenty for everyone to enjoy on Disney + in July, from documentaries for parents and cartoons for the kids. Learn how some of your favorite movies and shows were made. Find new friends in places you never thought to look. And find the song in your heart once when you see all the great things coming to Disney + in July.


Marvel Studios Assembled: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – July 1

Coming off the heels of the Doctor Strange 2‘s arrival on Disney +, fans will kick off the month of July with a new episode of Marvel Studios Assembled, covering the making of the year’s biggest film. The movie saw the former Sorcerer Supreme battling evil across dimensions with Evil Dead director Sam Raimi at the helm. With the horror master steering the ship, fans knew they were in for a darker adventure than they were used to. Now, they can see everything that went into the creation of the scariest Marvel movie to date when the special premieres on July 1.

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America the Beautiful – July 4

Michael B. Jordan narrates this stunning new documentary that showcases the majestic beauty of this great country. The six-episode series is part of the streaming service’s Independence Day celebration, and will show viewers a new look at the country’s spectacular landscapes, regions, and wildlife with new innovative forms of filmmaking. Witness all that this country has to offer from state-of-the-art cinema-quality cameras attached to fighter jets. Also captured is a closer look at the wild storms that happen. See tornadoes and hurricanes like never before, and why it’s more important than ever to take care of our environment. America the Beautiful was made in the hope that it will inspire viewers to help preserve the natural habitats found in their backyards, which is why all episodes will drop on the same day.

The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse – July 8

The second season of The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse continues this July 8 with the summer episode of its anthology theme. The special will follow the gang, minus Mickey, as they recount the events of the summer to solve a mystery. The season has already seen ice skating tales and a nature documentary, but this coming episode promises to be the most explosive, featuring fireworks and boat racing, as the quirky gang engages in their usual delightful brand of high jinks during the sunniest season of the year . Catch this new special next month and catch up on all previous episodes and see the fan-favorite characters shine before they kick off an unforgettable summer.

Chibi Tiny Tales – July 13

These animated shorts are created in the animesque chibi-style and are approximately one minute long. Chibi Tiny Tales originally followed chibi versions of the characters from the Big Hero 6 animated series before eventually expanding to other Disney properties. The first was Phineas and Ferbfollowed by characters from Halloweentown. Other series featured include Amphibia, Duck Tales, The Descendants, and more. Catch all the adorable characters this series of shorts have to offer when they arrive on Disney + this July 13.

Spidey and His Amazing Friends – July 13

Here’s a fun Spider-Man show for the toddlers to get them ready for the more mature stuff. Spidey and His Amazing Friends see everyone’s favorite web-slinger fighting crime with the help of his other popular counterparts, Miles Morales / Spin and Gwen Stacy / Ghost-Spider. Each computer-animated episode sees the trio face off against some of Spider-Man’s classic villains, sometimes with the help of other Marvel heroes like Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Disney truly has something for everyone, and now the superheroes out there will have their own adventures to enjoy when one of the best animated Spider-Man shows of all time arrives for their viewing pleasure.

Ms. Marvel (Final Episodes) – July 6 & July 13

The newest Marvel series to land on Disney + will be coming to an end in July. So far, we’ve seen Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel discover her hidden powers and explore the origins of the mysterious bangles, all while being tracked by the Department of Damage Control. In the coming weeks, her adventure will continue as she travels with her mother to Karachi, Pakistan, to visit her grandmother Sana and learn more about her past and heritage. What happened to Sana that caused her to be divided from her family? What will happen to the Clandestines? Who can Kamala trust as the adventure she found herself on becomes more dangerous? Catch up and find out when the final episodes of Ms. Marvel drop on July 6 and 13.

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Zombies 3 – July 15

The zombies are back, this time to face off against a threat that’s out of this world. Zed and Addison start their senior year at Seabrook High in the town that serves as a haven for both humans and monsters. The two have different goals in mind as they wrap up their high school careers. Zed is hoping to become the first zombie to go to college by earning an athletic scholarship. Addison, on the other hand, is preparing for the international cheer-off. Unfortunately for the two friends, the extraterrestrials that arrive in their town do not quite care for their plans. What do these aliens want, and are they friend or foe?

Mira, Royal Detective – July 20

Set in the magical Indian-inspired kingdom of Jalpur, Mira, Royal Detective sees Mira go from commoner to investigator after receiving the royal appointment after saving the kingdom’s young prince. With her new position, Mira travels all over the kingdom with her friends Prince Neel, her cousin Priya, and her funny mongoose sidekicks Mikku and Chikku to solve all manner of mysteries. Mira will complete her tasks no matter what it takes, and she’s taking her young audience along for the ride. Over the show’s two-season run, viewers can learn to think critically and are encouraged to think deductively, important skills they get to learn while having fun along the way.

Light & Magic – July 27

Light & Magic will grant a new unparalleled look behind the scenes of one of Disney’s top production companies, Lucasfilm. Academy-Award nominated filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan takes us behind the curtain to show what goes into the hit animation and storytelling of the world of Star Wars. Learn about Industrial Light & Magic, the special effects, animation, and virtual production division of Lucasfilm that brings to life the magnificent universe that fans have loved for generations. Find out what inspires some of the greatest minds in film and learn about their stories and the heart they bring to add to the stories that helped mold them growing up.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Season 3) – July 27

The third season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series takes fans out of school and to Camp Shallow Lake, a summer camp in California. There’s plenty of fun to be had this time around for the Wildcats. There are no curfews to abide by, the openness of the great outdoors at their disposal, and plenty of romance brewing. However, things will not be all fun and games as they still have to prepare for their high-stakes production of Frozen as well as a connected docu-series. Drama is bound to fly this summer. Will the team be able to come together to put on a great show, or will some of them find themselves left out in the cold? Do not miss the return of this hit series and more as Disney rolls out their best this July on Disney +.

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