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Every New Dinosaur in the Movie

There have been a ton of new dinosaurs added to the Jurassic franchise ever since we heard Richard Attenborough first utter the iconic phrase, “Welcome to Jurassic Park,” way back in 1993. Most of the ferocious beasts have been real and actually existed in history, but there have been some, such as hybrid dinosaur Indominus Rexthat never existed, though are nonetheless pretty cool.

Each Jurassic installment seems to bring the audience something new in the way of dinosaurs, and the last movie of the series Jurassic World Dominion is no exception. Dominating the box office, Dominion proved an entertaining end to another Jurassic trilogy. Here’s every new dinosaur that was introduced in Jurassic World Dominion.

9 Dimetrodon (Honorable Mention)

First, the bad news: Dimetrodon is not actually a dinosaur, but still worthy of inclusion in this list. One may ask why, if it’s not an actual dinosaur. Fair question. The answer is simple: in the escape tunnels shortly after the Biosyn transport pod stops, Dr. Grant, Dr. Sadler, and Maisie disembark. The trio runs into a pack of Dimetrodon and the creatures definitely give them a fright from which they must be rescued from by Dr. Malcolm, who also gets a little help from franchise newcomer Ramsay Cole, played by Mamoudou Athie.

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8 Atrociraptor

The Atrociraptor was first discovered in Western Canada’s Horseshoe Canyon Formation. The raptor is one of two new subtypes of the species that were introduced in Dominion. The animal is shown to be well-trained, expanding on the work that was done with the Indoraptor in the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. That creature was set to attack with a laser and sound trigger-combination. Comparatively, the Atrociraptor is set into motion to attack its prey with the point of a laser only. The animals are shown in a pack, but are only a threat in the film when Owen and Claire find themselves in Malta at the dinosaur black market.

7 Pyroraptor

First found in Provence, France, the species is the second type of raptor introduced in the film. The size of the dinosaur is exaggerated in the film, much like how other raptors, mainly the Velociraptor, are shown to be in the Jurassic‘s other films. The raptor in Dominion is shown to be around the size of Owen, but in reality, the creature is maybe ankle-high on an average human. The Pyroraptor bears a similar resemblance to the Utahraptor, but the feet and tail have some minor differences. The Utahraptor is also taller. Nonetheless, as depicted in Dominion, the Pyroraptor was also believed to be fairly ferocious as a predatory animal. Somewhere along the line, the movie version of the dinosaur picked up some swimming lessons.

6 Dreadnoughtus

Seen very briefly in Jurassic World Dominion, Dreadnoughtus literally means “fear of nothing”. This gentle giant was first discovered in Patagonia and makes its debut, however short, in Dominion. The action here isn’t much: the giant dinosaur simply feels like taking a bath in the lake at the Biosyn facility in the Italian Dolimites. Gotta keep it clean.

5 Lystrosaurus

First discovered in Antarctica, this little guy was not only quite widespread but kind of adorable. The Lystrosaurus dwelled in Antarctica, India, Russia, and a few others. This was another critter with a couple quick glances in Dominion and is seen only in the black market in Malta. He is evening practicing COVID safety with his little mask. Admit it: you’d want him as a pet!

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4 Giganotosaurus

First discovered in Argentina, this is one of the new big bad carnivores on the block. We see the creature several times up until the end of Jurassic World Dominionwhen the original T-Rex from Jurassic Park gets tired of taking the big bad’s bullying. Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm even does his best Olympic Javelin impersonation with this creature, buying the combined old and new era groups some more time before escaping with the rest of them. Dr. Grant does make an assumption when encountering this dino. He states it’s the largest carnivore to ever walk the earth, and that may only be partially true. Experts are divided on the size of the animal due to incomplete skeletal remains. Some believe it was as the same size as T-Rex, while others say it was just a bit larger. Anyway you cut it, stay away from this big bad with sharp teeth!

3 Nasutoceratops

First discovered in Utah, this big guy bears a resemblance to the triceratops. While we do see the Nasutoceratops for the first time on the big screen here with Jurassic World Dominionthe creature was actually first introduced into the series with the short film The Battle at Big Rock. This was Colin Trevorrow’s follow-up to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to show the immediate impact and collisions that dinosaurs were having on humanity. In that film, the horned animal helps protect its young from a carnivore that is terrorizing a campground. Dominion shows the creature once again lending a helping hand as it inadvertently helps Claire’s team escape their pursuit at the beginning of the movie.

2 Moros Intrepidus

Another new creature in the film is Moros Intrepidus. The dinosaur was originally found in Utah and like the Pyroraptor, the animal’s size is a bit exaggerated. Shown to be barely the size of the Giganotosaurus teeth and jaw, the Moros was actually about as tall as an average human’s shoulder. This guy was believed to have been a Jurassic dentist, more or less, and is depicted cleaning the teeth of Giganotosaurus. This symbiotic relationship between the two shown is why audiences weren’t treated to a scene of the big carnivore chomping down on a little snack.

1 Therizinosaurus

Part Freddy Kruger, part Wolverine, part T-Rex, and part bird, the Therizinosaurus was a very territorial animal. First discovered in the Gobi Desert, this creature was about 30 feet tall. At first glance, this animal may look like a distant relative to the famous Terror Birds who rose to prominence after the larger land carnivores were wiped out, but they are not. Another fun fact, this guy is a herbivore, despite looking like it would give T-Rex a run for its money chowing down on meaty meals. The large claws on Therizinosaurus were used to collect and cut vegetation, not unlike a reaping tool that a farmer would use to cut their crops. The creature is shown hunting Claire in Jurassic World Dominionbut that is likely due to the animal’s territorial instincts and not so much a diet choice.

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